Discover the epitome of elegance with our 18-karat white gold ring from the “Eternal Love Diamond” collection. Weighing 8.40g, this masterpiece features a spinning 0.24ct central round brilliant diamond, surrounded by 0.49cts of small size diamonds. The crowning glory is a 0.71ct pear-cut ruby (7x5mm), symbolizing an unyielding bond of love and passion.

Brand : Eternal Love Diamond
size : -
Metal Color : White
Stone Color : Colorless & red

Introducing our Eternal Love Diamond Collection masterpiece, the 18-Karat White Gold Ring. This exquisite ring, weighing 8.40g, is a testament to timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. It features a mesmerizing 0.24ct central round brilliant diamond that spins gracefully, capturing light from every angle and illuminating the intricate detailing of the surrounding smaller diamonds totaling 0.49cts.

Nestled at the pinnacle is a captivating 0.71ct pear-cut ruby (7x5mm). Its rich hue symbolizes an unyielding bond of love and passion, making this ring a perfect embodiment of eternal love. The band exhibits artistic curves adorned with diamonds, creating an aesthetic visual appeal that is sure to captivate any onlooker.

Every element of this ring intertwines seamlessly to create a harmonious dance of light and color. Experience the charm of our 18-Karat White Gold Ring today, a piece where luxury meets elegance.

Diamond quality: G/VS1


Brand Eternal Love Diamond
Product Code OS-RBP68b-WHI
Product Size -
Metal Color White
Metal Type Gold
Metal Karat 18K
Stone Color Colorless & red
Stone Type Diamonds & Ruby
Stone Shape Rounds & Pear cut
Metal Weight 8.40g
Stone Weight Ruby: 0.71ct, Diamonds: 0.73cts
  • sub-total $300.00
  • Eco Tax (-2.00) $10.00
  • VAT (20%) $60.00
  • total $370.00